Minority Scholarships

Minority Scholarships: Financial assistance to students, come in many forms and types. There are those targets some sectors in the society, athletic excellence, specific intellectual capacity, and more. In the same way, there are minorities scholarships and Grants that aims at keeping those little portions of the population educated regardless of their financial status. Also there are scholarships specific for students from Developing countries like Africa and Asia.minority

Our vision is to give Comfortable scholarship home for African students, Asian students and All minorities. Scholarship Home website gives bright and needy students a chance to go through college by listing newly updated and easy to apply scholarships and grants.

Various Categories of Scholarships for Minority students

Below are the minorities’ scholarships schemes listed in our Website

1. Scholarships for Women

For many years, society viewed women as people with less purpose. Throughout the history of humanity, many society prohibit majority of women to go to school. But today, majority of schools all over the world consists of women, all thanks to those people who made collective moves to think about women. With women scholarships, even the most underprivileged women are studying without having to worry about the expenses.

2. Scholarships for African-Americans

There are numerous of African American scholarships provided by various organizations. If you belong to African American groups then select one from this website and apply ASAP

3. Hispanic Scholarships

Two of the most dominant minorities in the US are Hispanics and African-Americans. They are also the most favored part of American population when it comes to scholarships. This is because majority of universities, colleges, organizations, corporations, and people are dedicated to offer financial help to these two sectors in the society

4. Scholarships for Disabled

In US as well as many other countries in the world, special attention is given to the disabled students. This is to make sure that regardless of their disabilities, they can still gain access to education and even get a degree just like any other student. With disabilities act put into law, disabled people cannot be hindered from gaining access to classrooms even if some people may consider them unfit. Scholarships and grants are there to make sure that these people get education.

5. Native Americans Scholarships

There are minorities scholarships given to the original settlers of the country, popularly known as Native Americans. They too are given equal opportunities to study and get degrees just like whites, black, and colored people in the country. Many organizations and institutions understand importance of offering education to Native Americans and that is why they came up with Native Americans scholarships.

6. Left-handed Minority Scholarships

In most countries in the world, people view left-handedness as a form of disability. It is a cliché, but when viewed from right-handed people point of view, left-handed people look odd. Currently, this physical trait has managed to earn the level of minority scholarships category. Left-handed scholarships are available to make sure that lefties receive equal education with the right-handed people.

7. Scholarships and Grants for Africans

Scholarship schemes for African students are available to make sure that students from developing countries receives equal education opportunities with those from developed world.

8. Asian Students Scholarships and Awards

Many organizations and institutions understand the importance of offering educational awards to Asians. These awards aim to aid students from India, Pakistani, Korea, Southern and middle eastern Asian to attend colleges in Europe and America.

9. Scholarships for Muslim students

Islam is rapidly growing across the globe. And despite being one of the world’s popular and educated community, some of the Muslim minority still struggle to get funds to further their education. The Islamic community wants their members to be well educated and therefore organizations and private individuals have come up with scholarships funds for its members. Some of the Scholarships for Muslim students include;

· Islamic Scholarship Fund (ISF),2017

This scholarship is awarded to Muslims or active members of the Muslim community. Eligible candidates must be citizens or permanent residents of U.S.A, have a minimum GPA of 3.0, majoring in an ISF supported major and are undergraduates i.e. sophomore, junior, senior or graduates. Deadline for application ends in august, 2017.

· Aziz Jamaluddin Scholarship,2017

This scholarship fund was started by the Jamaluddin family with a belief of educating the current generation of Muslims in order for them to speak and communicate to the masses the true meaning of Islam through the media. The scholarship awards $4, 000 yearly to 5 students studying political science and journalism. Application is currently ongoing and ends in March 2018.

· Muslim Trust Fund Association Bursary and Merit Award. (MTFA), 2017

MTFA’s aim is to provide financial assistance to Muslim students who come from low income families .students from Singapore or are permanent residents of Singapore who are in institutions of higher learning are eligible to apply. 2017 applications are still closed and will be announced later in the year.

· Islamic Development Bank (IDB),2017

IDB provides scholarships to students from its member countries and Muslim students in other countries. Its member countries include Iran Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The 2017-2018 academic year application is currently ongoing. Successful applicants will be announced in September, 2017.

· Sisters Solidarity to Educate and Serve (S.I.S.T.E.R.S)

This organization awards scholarships to young Muslim women between 17-24 years who reside in DC metropolitan area. The scholarship which aims to highlight academic and civic achievements of the Muslim women is awarded yearly to one senior high school student, one undergraduate student and a graduate. The award is offered yearly, however Applications for 2017 closed on March 8.

Whether an individual is a Asian, black, Hispanic, Native American, disabled, Hispanic, minority scholarships and grants are there to help them study, and get a degree to have a bright future. look around on this scholarship website for more on Minority scholarships and grants