Scholarships and Grants for Disabled People

Disabled Scholarships?: Statistics provided by the National Center For Education Statistics (NCES) has shown that the percentage of undergraduate students that have a disability is approximately 11%. This disability may incorporate a particular learning disability, a visual impairment, deafness, a speech disability, an orthopedic impairment, among others. Most of these students are unable to finance their academic career due to their disabilities. As a result of that, these students end up depending on their family members for financial assistance. In a situation where their family members are not able to pay for their education, these students depend on scholarships or grants from the government or a non-governmental organization to complete their education. It is unusual for universities and colleges to provide scholarships or grants to students with any form of disability, but some of them do.There are a considerable number of scholarships for students with disabilities. All the student needs to do is apply for the scholarship program he or she desires.

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